MCS8140 Serial Server FW loading steps The MCS8140 Serial Server FW loading steps.1.Please prepare your files , tftp server in the same folder as below picture shows.or you can download the files from the link web address as 房屋買賣following: the tftp server on the screen and show the right default IP : open the readme file to see the detailed command and type the command 找房子one by one to load the fw from PC to the flash on the mcs8140 Server board. Now set the JUMPER on the MCS8140 board to iboot first and start the FW loading.iBOOT>>erase 0 1iBOOT>>tftpboot 土地買賣mcs8140-bootloader.bin 0x8000 iBOOT>>cp.b 0x8000 0x10000000 0x3f950Now set the JUMPER from the MCS8140 to uboot and start the FW loading.MCS8140>>tftpboot mcs8140-ssMCS8140>>flstore MCS8140>>erase 酒店經紀1:16-63MCS8140>>tftpboot ss-ffs 0x8000 MCS8140>>cp.b 0x8000 0x1c200000after all the FW loading end, type below command " bootmf " to start the booting.MCS8140>>bootmf uboot running to the end, and the pw: root~#ifconfig 酒店打工 ------ can show the IP that the server captured now.
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